Weekend Charms

-N in her light-blue Scritti Politti t-shirt. I can't recall seeing anyone look cuter.
-Spending four hours at a BBQ playing with a dog.
-Discovering a fantastic, and obscure, new song and later finding that N had already put that song in my iTunes.
-N teaching me to make tuna casserole. I have enough leftover to feed myself through the rest of the baseball season.
-Catch-up call with Scott. I treasure these once-every-month-or-two calls. I feel like I'm right back in NY.
-The farmer's market. Best blackberries I've ever had.
-The look on the guy's face at the car wash when I handed him a blackberry (fruit, not phone).
-The sound of the Rachel's record playing right now.
-Mom checking in.
-Discovering the Neutral Milk Hotel videos that I've posted below.
-Time with N. That's correct N, no yawns.