Your Words Hung High In the Rafters

I'm not sure I'd be sitting here writing on this blog if not for The Jayhawks. Right around the time that I discovered Uncle Tupelo (1994), I recall returning home for college break and finding a copy of The Jayhawks' Hollywood Town Hall sitting on my bed. It was basically a thank you present from my brother. A few months prior I'd introduced him to Uncle Tupelo and we were both riding a musical high. I immediately tossed the cd into my piece-of-crap Fisher stereo and I was transformed. First Uncle Tupelo and now this. Where was this music coming from? Why wasn't it being covered in every music magazine worldwide?

The Jayhawks went through many changes in years to follow, but their records still stand the test of time. Gary Louris and Mark Olson are the David Crosby and Graham Nash of our time, yet better.

The Essential Jayhawks
Martin's Song
Settled Down Like Rain
Stumbling Through the Dark
Two Angels
Bottomless Cup
Sound of Lies
Ain't No End
Two Hearts
Sister Cry
It's Up To You