Best of Golden Smog Coming 9.23

I'm not sure why Ryko would put together a Best of for Golden Smog, since they've only released three records (two great, one terrible), but nevertheless, it's on the way. And no compilation with the word "Best" in the title should include the abomination that is "If I Only Had a Car".

Stay Golden, Smog: The Best of Golden Smog
Until You Came Along
Looking Forward To Seeing You
Ill Fated
Lost Love
Jennifer Save Me
Making Waves
Glad & Sorry
To Call My Own
Pecan Pie
Won't Be Coming Home
Red Headed Stepchild
He's a Dick
Radio King
Please Tell My Brother
If I Only Had a Car
Until You Came Along '97
Love and Mercy


Sean said...

pretty sure they have four full-length albums and an EP...the first two albums and the EP are can skip the last two records