ExxonMobil and the Presidency

Right around the time that CNN canned Aaron Brown in favor of non-stop Anderson Cooper, I knew the station was heading right down the FOX path. It's no secret that CNN, just like the dolts at FOX, chooses financial gain and sensationalism over the truth and in-depth reporting. I mean, when three of your top anchors are buffoons such as Rick Sanchez, Lou Dobbs and Tony Harris, well, you've lost all credibility.

And now this. Of all the potential sponsors of the conventions, CNN has opted for the big payout and gone with the lobbyist of all lobbyists, ExxonMobil. This move deems this network void of any credibility. A network simply can not "report" on the news when its in bed with one of the most destructive big business' in the World. I am done with this tabloid news network. They could air an exclusive ping pong match between Bruce Springsteen and Jeff Tweedy and I'd pass.