Obama on the Defensive

I'm starting to sense a glimmer of John Kerry in 04. The past few weeks, the Obama camp has fallen victim to McCain's playbook, and if it continues, I fear that the democratic party will once again suffer a devastating loss.

A few months ago, Obama's team would quickly squash attacks launched by Hillary Clinton and his fellow democratic-nominee hopefuls. But lately, Obama has opted to respond to every single absurd claim tossed its way by McCain's dirtbags. I mean, did he really need to take time to publicly address and defend himself following the Britney/Paris ad? Could he not have just laughed it off and turned it all on McCain? Instead, he's come off as defensive which has obviously been effective. Obama needs to remember that the majority of Americans are not well-informed, and such ads can drastically alter the electorate's mood and direction. The more time he spends "explaining" these ads, the more the public turns on him.

He must go on the offensive. John McCain has made it clear that he has zero platform, and just like W in 00 and 04, fully understands that Rove-like punches are the only way to fool the public and garner enough support to win the presidency. If Obama doesn't swing back and quickly discredit McCain's ludicrous allegations, then it's 4-8 more years of devastating leadership.