Whiskeytown's "Strangers Almanac"

If you're not familiar with Blurt Online, well, it's the new site helmed by the former publishers of Harp Magazine. They're just getting started, but I've already uncovered a trove of great videos, features and reviews. It's now the first music site I land on each morning.

This morning, they are featuring Whiskeytown's fantastic 1997 release Strangers Almanac. As some know, Whiskeytown was fronted by Ryan Adams, but it was the contributions of guitarist Phil Wandscher and fiddle player/backing vocalist Caitlin Cary, that made Whiskeytown one of the best bands of the mid-to-late 90's. Though they only released 3 full-lengths, their undeniable masterstroke was Strangers Almanac. At the time, this was Whiskeytown's make-or-break album, and despite lackluster sales (label repositioning played a huge part), this stands as one of the greatest country-rock records ever released. The lyrics are impeccable, the harmonies are stunning and the band is in full stride.

Inn Town - Whiskeytown

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