In Two Months

As we creep closer and closer to 11/4, it seems that my stomach tightens more and more as each day passes. Tonight I went to see a band that I'd waited years to see in San Francisco, yet I was distracted more than half of the show. As hard as I tried, I couldn't push this election out of my mind, even for 90 minutes. I kept checking my phone to see the reactions to Sarah Palin's speech. And almost all seemed positive. And my stomach tightened a bit more.

I have said this time and again, and I honestly feel that there's little argument on this point: If the American public, as a whole, were even moderately educated on the positions of democrats and republicans, I can't imagine that the democrats would have much trouble winning every election over the next century. But the American public has been duped. The right has used wedge issues such as religion, abortion, capital punishment and immigration to literally freeze the country. People never ask this, but do George Bush, John McCain, Mitt Romney, etc. really think strongly about the "right to life" or the church? Sorry folks, but the answer is no. They have used these issues to solidify their bases and that's it. They are big business chumps who thirst for power and align themselves with the Enron, ExxonMobil and Fox's of the country to strengthen their power and in return, repay those debts to the elite in this country. That is it. Republican agenda. End of story.

Do I think that democratic party is awash in altruism? Well, no. But I certainly think that they are the party of curiosity, intelligence, fairness and opportunity. They champion the causes of 95% of those who call this country home, causes such as fair health care, a reasonable minimum wage, a better education for ALL children, a managed and tempered foreign policy, and so on.

After eight years of the most disastrous administration in United States history, I simply can not fathom electing John McCain to the presidency, especially when we've been delivered one of the greatest potential leaders in this country's long history. The republicans will continue to label Barack Obama a celebrity, a dream, a phony, an elitist, a Muslim, and whatever else they think will catch on, but the truth is, he IS something out of the ordinary. His ability to put this country back in my heart is something I didn't think possible so soon after the Bush era. His ability to bring people together is remarkable. His ability to cause this entire planet to look on in awe is almost beyond comprehension.

Lately, I have felt like my passion for public policy could come to a halt on 11/4. If we make the unforgiveable mistake of electing McCain, I will witness a deflated nation at a standstill. We will see the rest of the world not only scoff at us, but lose any remaining respect that we still garner. On the flipside, if Barack Obama is elected president, I simply can not imagine the joy. I can not imagine what we can do for this country both at home and abroad. And I can't imagine what pride I will feel for the place that I've called home for almost 35 years.

We need to get this one right. For ourselves, for our children, for our neighbors, for our future and for 95% of this country, whose causes will finally be paid heed.