Biden and Palin Debate

Regardless of your party affiliation, Sarah Palin's spectacle tonight should be universally viewed as the most embarrassing performance in the history of presidential or vice presidential debates. Gwen Ifell threw out softball after softball and not only did Palin deflect each question, but she rambled through nonsensical tangents that nary a human could comprehend. This woman is almost unable to construct a sentence. And for this, John McCain's presidential aspirations should now go down in flames. If Governor Palin were to take over the helm as the leader of the free world, it is unimaginable what could transpire here and abroad.

As far as Biden goes, I viewed his performance as fairly good. He is clearly well versed on just about all issues, but his demeanor can be somewhat off-putting. Is this important to me? Well no, but to many Americans his mannerisms are likely a turn-off. At one moment he seems relaxed, while the next his head appears to be on the verge of imploding.

The biggest failure tonight was PBS's Gwen Ifill. Her questions were so bland and predictable and lacked any nuance that would've given the viewers a more spontaneous look at the candidates. Every word that slid out of Palin's mouth was rehearsed and often completely off-topic, yet Ifill did nothing to challenge her or dig deeper. She accepted her absurd repetition and moved on. Nor did she go after Biden on anything. Ifill's questions were about as difficult and pointed as a church retreat roundtable.

And then the media. I actually heard a number of folks on CNN's post-debate coverage praise Palin. I mean, seriously? I understand that the mainstream media's supposed to be unbiased, but this isn't about democrat vs. republican; it's about a candidate who makes a complete mockery of the importance of government. Our media is responsible for speaking the truth, yet the dolts on CNN seemed at ease with this abomination.

Fortunately, the American public can decide on its own. And if we're truly the greatest nation on the planet, this election should be a cakewalk for the left.