Bill Clinton w Obama

There's something about Bill that still rubs me the wrong way in relation to Obama. Following Obama's primary victory, I've always felt that Bill and Hillary want no part of handing over the party to Senator Obama. They've done very little to help him on the campaign trail, but now that Obama appears to be in line to win, Bill wants into the party.

The last two minutes of this video are not flattering to Obama. Clinton tries to make it appear as if Obama's open-minded and wants to listen to those around him, but it's really a swipe at Obama. Watch from about 9:10 to the end. It is very clear that Obama is not happy with Bill's remarks and his body language makes this clear. When Clinton says about Obama, "You tell me what's right and I'll figure out how to sell it", this is a clear shot at Obama's leadership abilities. I had enough of the Clinton's leading up to this election, and this underhanded swipe at Obama while standing NEXT to Obama is just too much.

Out with the Clinton's and in with Obama.