My E-Mail To Governor Schwarzenegger

Dear Governor,

As a proud resident of the state of California, I am absolutely embarrassed by your speech at a McCain rally in Ohio today. Yes, I understand that you're a republican and are lending your support to Senator McCain (despite his despicable campaign tactics), but your statements are flat-out lies. Do you REALLY think that Barack Obama is a socialist? I mean, really? There's no way an individual who's reached the governorship of such a great state could truly believe this. You are pandering to the weak and uneducated and it's sickening.

I thought you were above the divisive, deceitful and reprehensible actions of the republican old guard. Today made it clear that you are not.

Until today, despite disagreeing with you on a number of issues, I have supported your governorship. As of today, I no longer do. I am embarrassed to call you my governor.

Chris Campbell