Right Now, John McCain is America's Biggest Asshole

Yes, today he surpassed George W. Bush. With zero plan on any important front, McCain has now begun relentlessly attacking his counterpart, firing off one lie after another. First he fabricated Obama's "relationship" with Bill Ayers. And now Sarah Palin and a bunch of surrogates are claiming that Obama is not only a Socialist, but a Communist. Add to this the allegations that Obama's a "baby-killer", a terrorist, a Muslim and an elitist (his net worth is less than 5% of McCain's), and McCain has now gone down a path that no presidential campaign has ever visited. This is worse than the 2004 Georgia Senatorial race in which Saxby Chambliss claimed that Vietnam-hero, Max Cleland, who lost both legs and one arm in the war, was a terrorist sympathizer.

This has gone too far, way too far. If the republican party had any ethics and "patriotism", they would vocally condemn this deeply hateful and deceitful campaign. If McCain does end up losing, he will return to the Senate the mockery of the 100 person group. His reputation will be tarnished for good. If he wins the presidency, well, god help us.


Anonymous said...

No Bruce Springsteen is America's biggest asshole! This pompus jackass struts around with the spotlight focused on him throughout his show like Madonna on crack. How about more stories about your "buddies" killed in Viet Nam at your concerts please while your staff provides you with jackass brand water in glass bottles and gay protein drinks.

Guess he forgot what morals and love was all about while screwing around on his first wife with that nasty looking redheaded chick in his stupid band. She's almost as ugly as that idiot Lil' Steven dude in his f'ed up band.

If you need more proof of what a sanctamonious self obsessed pompus jackass this dude really is, just vist his website! You can get plenty of raging "me, myself and I" shots of Bruce there. I thought we fired "the boss" back when John Kerry was flushed down the toilet!!

Campbell said...

Wow, this is awesome. Have you ever taken a look at the charity work that Springsteen's done over the years? Here's a hint: google "bruce springsteen charity".

And you know the intimate details of his first marriage? You should totally write a book about it.

Looks like tomorrow's going to be quite a rough one for ya.