Let me preface anything I'm about to say by admitting that I am an utter and complete dolt when it comes to economics. I barely even understand what the DOW means. Let me clarify: I don't understand what the DOW means.

When I first heard about the $850 billion bailout, the first thing that came to mind were the mid-and-low level workers at these companies. I mean, there's little question that the top brass at AIG, etc. are doing just fine financially. But the more I hear about this, as well as Obama's push to help out the auto industry, the more I start to wonder. I mean, if GM goes under, clearly thousands of middle class jobs will be lost. But as we look to the future, are these the jobs that we want to invest in? Hasn't GM had enough time to understand the market and adapt? Instead of looking to fuel efficient cars, they've continued to spit out gas-guzzling SUVs, with little consideration for the environmental or financial ramifications of such moves. They had and continue to have little to no vision.

I understand that many, many jobs will be lost if the government doesn't continue to inject these failed companies with capital. But where does it end? What are the criteria here? Who gets money and who doesn't? And what are the stipulations of such handouts? Do the CEOs and senior execs. of these companies face any accountability? This is all starting to sound quite fishy, and with Bush in office for another 70 or so days, I don't trust any of it.

While these companies continue to flounder, where are our leaders on education, health care and infrastructure? (I won't even get into energy here.) Has our public education system ever been worse? Is 40 million-plus Americans without health care not enough? And those that do have it, could the premiums be more out of control? What about our roads, bridges and trains? They are falling apart or simply non-existent. This last area could open up millions of jobs.

I initially somewhat supported this bailout, but also realized that I wasn't well informed on the issues. But the more I learn, the more I grow queasy about these handouts. This country needs to build from the bottom-up and handouts to companies with failed leadership is the exact opposite. Hopefully our new administration will consider all of these things, and choose the people over politics.