Election Day Phone Banking Highlights

"We've already voted. Thank you so much."- 83 year-old woman in North Carolina

"She's leaving work early at 230 to go vote." - Mother of a 24 year-old woman in Missouri

"My daughter and son have voted and I will be tonight. Thank you so much!" - Mother of a 24-year old woman in North Carolina

"We're getting eight calls a day. He voted for your candidate already and you need to take him off your list." - Mother of a 24-year-old male in North Carolina

"I'm in walking distance of my poll and I'm just about to leave." - 61 year-old woman in Missouri

"We've already voted. He has and the whole family has." Mother of a 21 year-old man in Indiana

"I will and I'm voting for Obama." 25 year-old woman in Indiana

"Thanks, I already voted today." 42 year-old woman in Virginia

Again, most of the folks have been very pleasant, regardless of their candidate. Since I appear to be about to hit my monthly limit on my cell, I'm now closing down my phone banking for the election. It's been a pleasure.