Help Restore Fillmore Grind

This is my friend Mike's coffee shop. If it weren't for this joint, I can't imagine I'd want to remain in my neighborhood. Almost every morning I stop in for a coffee/bagel and Mike and I talk politics, world events and how to get more customers into his store. Most of the time Mike's blasting a mix of current hits, Middle Eastern tunes and sometimes even some Lou Reed. He's always in a good mood and his sense of humor and knowledge of the world often makes my day.

Mike works seven days/week, the entire day, by himself. Local folks have done amazing things to help improve the store, but he desperately needs to have his floor fixed (right now it's some sort of stone with chipped paint). If anyone knows of someone who could help out either gratis or for a nominal fee, I'll make sure that we get you endless cups of free coffee and us locals will assist in any way possible. If Fillmore Grind doesn't survive, Alamo Square will never be the same, and the character of this neighborhood will receive a potentially fatal blow. If you know of anyone who can help out, or if you have other ideas on fixing this dire problem, please send me a note.