Joshua Tree, California

After two fantastic days in LA, N and I have arrived at the hotel of Gram Parsons, otherwise known as the Joshua Tree Inn. After purchasing a Sweetheart of the Rodeo tee and chatting up the owner about the history of the place, he handed me a cold beer and I'm now sitting outside our room looking at beautiful mountains and a dry, expansive desert. The vintage moment of my chat with the 47-year-old retired UCLA/Columbia philosophy professor turned Inn owner was my quick mention of Tim Easton. The moment I said his name he replied, "Oh, we know Tim. He's getting married out here soon. We see him all the time."

I just put Mark Olson on the iTunes and we're about to head for the desert. Following sundown in the desert, we will head to Pappy and Harriet's in Pioneertown to see The Thrift Store All-Stars. Pappy and Harriet's is the local music dive and the Thrift Store All-Stars are comprised of 7-9 members, with Tim Easton, Mark Olson, Victoria Williams and even Robert Plant often being a part of the mix.

I'm feeling not only Gram Parsons right now, but I'm feeling that open road of California. It's a beautiful place.


BA in Junk, PhD in Soul said...

That dude is gonna be bummed. Tim has been married for like 6 months