Pre-Weekend Notes

-Word is that a new Springsteen record will be released on inauguration day. As I typed that, Springsteen's "Independence Day" kicked in on the stereo.

-Why is John McCain unleashing all of this crap regarding Palin? 1) We're well aware that she's a moron and 2) You picked her.

-I guess The Strokes are getting back together to record a new record. "Is This It?" still stands as one of the best records of the past ten years.

-I thought Barack did pretty well for his first press conference, though he did look a bit tired.

-I am back on a major Josh Ritter kick. "Hello Starling" is one fine record.

-In many, many ways, being unemployed is a very welcome change. The money situation will get worrisome in a few months, but right now I'm savoring day trips to the park, drives, music, reading, talking to Mike in the local coffee shop and the free'd up time that I'll have to spend with N. Oh, and I'm getting closer-and-closer to green lighting that cross-country trip. Right now I'm thinking right after Thanksgiving.

-I'm also thinking about going to the inauguration. No word on a possible speaking slot.

-I can't decide if I'd rather have John Kerry or Bill Richardson as Secretary of State, though my guess is that it will be neither.

-As far as the city of San Francisco goes, this past week has revealed the greatest sides of this city.

-I need a good book.

-Every time I think about Obama winning the election, I still feel as though I could be dreaming. And I meant that; it feels that unbelievable.

-"Hungry Heart" is now on...probably my least favorite Springsteen song, aside from almost everything on "Human Touch".

-Listening to conservatives whine and continue their terrorist/racist/socialist garbage is now just silly. Sorry folks, but your time is up. You had eight years to destroy this country and you did one hell of a job.

-Bill Maher time.


Rob said...

Swing down Florida way on the trip.