-Barack Obama.
-the greatest girlfriend in the World - someone who inspires me, makes me laugh and always says the right things.
-people who choose good over money.
-the near 65 million folks who voted for our president-elect.
-the musicians who continue to put out great music, despite the minimal economic benefits.
-my friends near and far. oh it's corny, but you enrich my life on a daily basis. you probably collectively comprise about 50% of who i am. (wow, that sounds kinda weird.)
-Mark Oliver Everett.
-my family. you've supported me through many ups-and-downs.
-Will Oldham and Emmett Kelly for putting on one of the best shows i've ever witnessed.
-endless, endless, endless music.
-having my grandfather's wallet. when he passed away he had $6 and a driver's license.
-barbara's fantastic gifts.
-my buddy and owner of my local coffee shop, mike.
-the road.
-country music.
-gram parsons.
-our trip to chicago.
-okkervil river.
-volunteers for Obama.
-the beauty of California.
-the good breaks i've been afforded.

oh, and so much more. but here are the two most inspiring and beautiful videos from this year.