2008 : The Worst in Music (Revisited)

This is exactly why I never review movies and especially records right after seeing/hearing them. For example, I remember departing the theatre in 2000 after seeing "You Can Count on Me" and thinking, "It was ok, but a bit sentimental". Since 2005 or so that film has sat atop my yawner list of favorite movies ever made. In 1992, I recall listening to Springsteen's career-clunker Human Touch and thinking, "Brilliant!". You may remember the song "57 Channels". God is that record horrid.

Over the past few weeks, I have spent a good amount of time with two of the records that I listed on my atrocious list. And I would now like to remove them from that list.

I've heard over-and-over about the greatness of the Fleet Foxes song "White Winter Hymnal". And I must admit, I now kind of agree. And the rest of the record is growing with each listen.

With four songs remaining on my eMusic a few weeks ago, I decided to download four tracks from the Vampire Weekend record. As I hit the download button four times (would've only taken one had I had enough credits for the entire record), I felt an instant wave of nausea hit my gut. A few days later I grudgingly listened. "Meh", I thought. A few hours later I was listening again. And again. "Oxford Comma" is one of the best songs of the year.

I have turned into everything I detest. And that can be read many ways.