2008 : _____________

Many of the most lasting moments or events can't be qualified or quantified, but rather just elicit some feeling or feelings. Here are some from the year 2008:

The election of Barack Obama. This is the greatest political achievement of my lifetime. Almost two months out, the shock and pride hasn't worn off one bit. Every time I watch Barack's weekend YouTube videos I get chills. Simply amazing.

The feel at the Bonnie "Prince" Billy show in Big Sur. It wasn't just the music. The entire atmosphere was simply stunning...the weather, the mountains, the people, the smells, the words, the guitars. As Billy said as he left the stage, "beautiful, beautiful, beautiful night."

SXSW. This very well may have been my last. I've now been to Austin six times (99-01, 05-07) for the annual SXSW conference and this year was one of the best. The friendships that have been born in this town still amaze me. Music, friends, good food and drink and some of the greatest times of my life. And Brent's still better than Paul.

Trips with N. We visited Yosemite, Chicago, Jenner, Joshua Tree, LA and every trip provided endless memories.

Music. No matter the state of the industry or the economy, great music will always be there and will continue to be made. I feel as thought I've barely touched the surface.

Fillmore Grind. This little coffee shop, which may soon fall out of business, makes my morning every day. Mike is a treasure and everyone who's familiar with the place agrees.

Friendships. Many have been around for decades and many just got off the ground this year.


Books. I've read a number of great ones this year. And the short story I read last night in No One Belongs Here More Than You by Miranda July still swirls in my head.

New opportunities. They've already begun and I'm certain that 09 will bring many more. It's quite the exciting time.

And once again, one of the most moving five+ minutes of my life (see Billy at Big Sur above):