Albums of Weeks 50 & 51

Throughout the year, I have chosen one record per week, primarily based upon what I'd listened to most during the previous week. My hope is that a few mentions have led you to return to a record or to pick up something new.

On Tuesday, I will post my final Album of the Week for the year. Instead of choosing what I'd listened to most this final week, I will select the album that had the most impact on me in 2008. I'm 90% certain of what that record will be. If you have an idea, given my posts throughout the year or some conversation we've had, feel free to take a guess. I will only say this: This album is as timeless as it was timely in 2008.

Low : Christmas
Kranky, 1999

Conor Oberst : Conor Oberst
Merge, 2008