Jay Bennett Releases "Whatever Happened I Apologize" For Free

Former Wilco guitarist (1994-2001) and perhaps the driving force behind Wilco's sonic evolution on "Summerteeth" and "Yankee Hotel Foxtrot", has quietly released his fifth full-length since departing/being ousted from the band. I have heard each of Bennett's recordings since his fall from Wilco, and 2002's collaboration with Ed Burch, The Palace at 4am, still remains the one solid top-to-bottom listen.

The new record is available for free download at Rock Proper. I'm only on the third track, but this certainly sounds like a step up from his past few releases. Like many Wilco fans, despite seeing a wonderful band still at the top of its game, something's always been missing since Bennett's tenure in the band ended. And since his career outside the band has been met with little notice, I'm going to give this one some time. Whether it's good or not, his first post-Wilco effort still stands as a solid achievement.

More later....