Magnet Magazine's 15th Anniversary Issue

As a number of the premiere music magazines fall by the wayside, and the bigger, corporate mags attempt to reinvent themselves and remain relevant, Magnet Magazine, after 15 years, remains the most all-encompassing and knowledgeable music resource out there. There are certainly some great bloggers and online resources that have challenged Magnet, but most are either lacking in diversity or far too predictable and/or pretentious.

I first started reading Magnet over ten years ago. I recall great features on Elliott Smith, Guided By Voices and Wilco. I can think of hundreds of records that found their way onto my racks due to Magnet. And perhaps more influential than anything, the photographs. I can't think of another resource that has so beautifully and appropriately captured most of the best artists making music over the past decade and a half.

Yesterday brought the arrival of the Magnet 15th Anniversary Issue. Nick Cave graces the cover and inside are features on the Philly music scene, outstanding shots of Joe Strummer, Paul Westerberg and Cat Power, and one thorough review after another. And that's just the beginning.

As our media continues to evolve, editors and boards everywhere are scrambling to adjust, tailor themselves and please as many folks as possible. Magnet has resisted the temptation to jump on this bandwagon and has remained true to its core: great features, stunning pictures, the best in art and in the end, arguably the best music magazine ever.