Science Returns to Washington

Unlike the dolt who mans the Oval Office for another 30 or so days, Barack Obama will work with the nation's leading scientists to confront some of the world's biggest threats and possibilities, including climate change and stem-cell research, respectively. When considering George Bush's legacy decades from now, despite his massive failings in nearly every area of his presidency, his inability to embrace and even lend an ear to science, may prove to be his most egregious crime. If the next few generations face a worldwide crisis around climate change, resulting in millions (billions?) of deaths, famine and displacement, George Bush's eight years as president will mark the most miserable worldwide failure on this front. With the scientific community unanimously calling for immediate action to avoid grave peril, Bush not only disregarded the warnings but instituted policies to make matters worse, much worse.

It appears as if Obama and Biden will do exactly the opposite. And if this becomes a reality, the results could create millions of jobs, help stabilize our economy, strengthen our standing as a world leader and in due time, create a cleaner, safer and more prosperous planet.