45 Friday

Before heading to the park for the afternoon, I figured I'd spend an hour or so listening to some 45's. It was a good decision.

You're Gonna Make Me Cry - The Staple Singers
Hotel Happiness - Brook Benton
You Ain't Going Nowhere - The Byrds
Looking for a Way Out / Take My Word - Uncle Tupelo
My Kind of Soldier - Guided By Voices
Mary Jane - Blue Mountain
California - Courtesy Move
Ain't No Doubt About It - Wilson Pickett

And now I'm blastin' "Placemat Blues" by Slobberbone.

You serve them Bizkits and Korn with a spoon
But I think you just serve you
Where's the place at the table for folks like us
When there's no one that we can trust
Where's the place for us