The Archives : The V-Roys' "Just Add Ice" (1996)

The V-Roys were one of those bands that should have, pardon the following two words, been huge. Seriously, they should have. Signed by Steve Earle's E-Squared in 1996, first came the referenced release Just Add Ice. This young in-your-face foursome from Tennessee played simple, straightforward rock and roll. The lyrics were strong, the guitars were loud and they played as a charging unit. And when need be, they could turn it down and deliver perfect ballads. They were a countrified version of The Replacements (I think lead singer Scott Miller is still maintaining the drinking badge) in 50s style suits.

Their first record revealed a band energized and ready to make a heavy impact on the rock n' roll world. But 1996 was a time when good music was still very deep in the shadows. Although that's mostly the case today as well, had The Arcade Fire or My Morning Jacket been around then, they would have likely been as obscure as The V-Roys. When you add Scott Miller's dislike for any part of the country outside of the Southeast, you had the makings for a tough climb.

They followed up their brilliant debut with the (almost) equally strong All About Town. Although the latter showed writing maturation, it was Just Add Ice that displayed a band in the truest sense of the word. Mic Harrison accompanied Miller on vocals for a near perfect pairing. Following their second record, the band released a live record and disbanded. Some rumors attribute the parting of ways to their involvement with Earle, but who really knows. Miller has gone on to a quiet yet impressive solo career, and Harrison has done the same. But like so many fantastic Southeast bands from the 90s, The V-Roys' career was far too short.

"When you put on your story, I will sigh with relief
Whatever you say dear, it's a lie I believe"

from "Lie I Believe"


senormedia said...

Some rumors attribute the parting of ways to their involvement with Earle, but who really knows.

I do.

It's not just a rumor.

(and that's a mighty damn fine album)

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