A Place To Live

One of the most pressing decisions I have to make in the coming weeks is whether to move. I keep that sentence a bit open on purpose. Now edging towards my third month without a day job, one thing is certain: I can't remain in my current apartment. The rent is simply too high on a government stipend of $405/week. I have made tentative plans to be out of this apartment by March 15th at the absolute latest.

The bigger question is: Where do I move to? Do I remain in the Bay Area, an area that is awash in unemployed (or soon to be unemployed) folks with strong business development backgrounds. I know many, many highly qualified people who are out of work right now, looking feverishly and coming up empty. I can only imagine that the competition for these jobs is greater than at any time in Silicon Valley. Last year (prior to the massive economic drop that we're now swirling in), I interviewed for a role that I wanted. There were four openings in the group and I was looking to grab one. It would've been the first time that I stepped into a role as vice president, and I was very impressed with the folks I met with. It turns out that over 400 people sent in resumes for the openings. I made it down to the final four and figured I was in. I received a call a few days later and was informed that they'd decided to go with two positions as opposed to four and the role I was set to take had been eliminated. Now remember, this was well before the market tumbled, unemployment rose at a rapid rate and the "recession" was official. That should shine some light on where things are right now.

So where do I go? When I consider that my next career ambitions are still a bit hazy, the cost-of-living in the Bay Area is nearly the highest in the country and there are business development folks here scratching for work, at least as far as paying my bills goes, there appears to be little justification in staying here. However, as should be evidenced on this blog, my affection for this city has grown. But if it's draining my already somewhat meager account, a move seems almost necessary.

But where? Do I simply move to a town outside of San Francisco? Do I move to another major city, such as Seattle, Los Angeles or Portland (is Portland a "major" city?)? Do I move to the country and do the things I'm doing right now and see how this whole economy thing plays out?

These decisions will likely play out in the coming weeks. And as of this writing, I honestly have no idea where the chips will fall.


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