Stimulus vs. Bailout

I need to keep this quick. But before jumping, I have to get this out before I forget. This has been weighing on me all day. It seems as if the republicans are hedging their party's near future on their hopes that the stimulus package fails. They unanimously opposed the bill in the House, and it's certainly clear that they hope that, if passed, it fails dearly (yes, at the cost of all Americans). Rep. Boehner, one of the remaining figureheads of a party that destroyed the country from the inside out, along with the new spokesman for the GOP, Rush Limbaugh, have turned this much-needed bill into a political circus. They have no interest in working with Obama (I can't believe Limbaugh's having an impact on their up on that Georgia representative who called the loud-mouth hypocrite to apologize this morning) and clearly no interest in helping millions upon millions of struggling Americans. They are taking a gamble that this stimulus will fail, and if it does, there sits their campaigns in 2010 and 2012.

Where were these people when Bush's good ol' bailout flew through Congress? Where were these people when Bush gave out *tax cuts* to the rich in a time of war. Wait, not one war, but TWO wars! The republicans are the reason for this utter mess and they've put politics and their endless cronyism ahead of peoples livelihoods. I'm not saying that the stimulus package is perfect; it's not. I'm also not suggesting that it will be a success, because it's honestly a 50/50 bet. The point here is that the republican party continues to do everything imaginable against the good of 98% of the American people. Their interests lie solely in power, greed and victory. Bush's absurd $700 billion "bailout" has been an absolute joke, yet there's literally no blame being tossed around. And now the republicans are treating the stimulus package, which is designed for the PEOPLE and not failed and crooked corporations, like a red-headed stepchild.

Since I began following politics, I've never quite understood how republicans ever win. Hopefully the American public, as it did just over two months ago, continues to feel the same way.