Three Movies

If there's one area of entertainment that I haven't lauded in some time, it's been the film industry. When looking at the most praised films of the past few years, there is really very little to be excited about. No Country For Old Men is overrated, Juno is god-awful, Crash has the substance of an episode of Benson and I think Gangs of New York was made in my high school AV room. Fine, I didn't mention Brokeback Mountain, Good Night and Good Luck, Sideways and Mystic River, all of which were deserving of a nod. But as a collection, the "Oscar" films have been somewhat weak. There are always the indies, but the Best Picture contenders have been scattered at best.

Although the Oscars haven't been announced, the three contenders I caught this week were all worthy of a nomination. The Wrestler, Milk and Revolutionary Road are all impressive films, with the first being the best of the trio. These three have restored my faith in Hollywood and its ability to churn out good art. I will close out the 08 season by seeing Doubt, and Frost/Nixon. And then I'll catch up on a bunch via Netflix.

It's been a good year. I even want to see Rachel Getting Married.