Top Ten Selling Artists of 2008

1 Taylor Swift 4,003,000
Another watered-down country act. When these artists call themselves "country", Hank, Cash and the Carters must be doing the worm in their graves.

2 AC/DC 3,418,000
They still make records?

3 Lil Wayne 3,382,000
More hip hop crap.

4 Coldplay 2,691,000
Elevator or grocery store rock.

5 Metallica 2,466,000
My goodness, just go away you fools.

6 Kid Rock 2,405,000
See Metallica but make it singular.

7 Jonas Brothers 2,340,000
If Hanson couldn't sustain a following, and they were actually talented, I give these chaps another week or two. This is a GAP-ad major-label creation.

8 Sugarland 2,063,000

9 Nickelback 1,953,000
When I hear this band name, I recall the kids from my high school who thought Rush ruled.

10 Jack Johnson 1,895,000
Oh sweet jesus.


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