Upcoming Springsteen Tour Could Include Full-Album Performances

I'm going to every city where he plays Darkness, Nebraska, Lucky Town, Devils & Dust, Born To Run, Wild, Innocent, The River, and USA. I may even head out for Human Touch just for a laugh. God, the crowds at the Human Touch shows are going to be so pissed.

From backstreets.com

For the January 22 issue of Rolling Stone, David Fricke spoke with Brendan O'Brien for a compelling Working on a Dream sneak peek. "Bruce was into this material being more orchestral, not just capturing a live feel," says the producer, "and that takes different sounds, orchestrations and vocal presentations." Fricke describes the new album as "intricately arranged... combining the dense whirl of E Street stage shows with orchestral and vocal flourishes that recall classic recordings by Roy Orbison and the Byrds." Fricke offers some recording chronology, individual song descriptions, and intimations of what may await us after Super Bowl Sunday:

Springsteen and the E Street Band will tour behind the new album, following their Super Bowl halftime set on February 1st. A source says the tour will not be "a total marathon," probably 50 to 60 shows divided between the U.S. and Europe. One idea under consideration is a miniset each night devoted to a full performance of one of Springsteen's classic albums — "a way of addressing the past," the source says.


leigh said...

Ha! That's hysterical. Man, I fear this albumm is just going to be horrid. I'll see you at all but Human Touch, you're on your own with that one; i can laugh from home!

ps. have you tried submitting your writings to HuffPost?

Campbell said...

"Magic" has grown on me a *little* bit, but altogether, it's a disappointing record. Like you, I fear the new one's going to be a mild stinker. However, "The Wrestler" is a great song.

Right now I'm just writing and writing and writing. I may start looking for other outlets someday, but now I'm just keeping my fingers on the keyboard (both on this blog and on other self-made projects.)

superior said...
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