The Waiting Is (Almost) Over - Springsteen To Re-Issue Darkness

Forget about the upcoming release of the sub-par Working on a Dream, the whole Wal-Mart thing, and his fast-approaching appearance at the Super Bowl. If Springsteen fans are looking for the treat of the decade, here it is: Billboard reports that a re-issue of the 1978 classic, Darkness on the Edge of Town, is in the works. The record will be remastered and will include a "making of" DVD.

If you look back on my Top 50 Records of All-Time, you'll see that Darkness checked in at #2. On any given day, this record jumps a slot to the top of the list. Friends and I have been discussing the need for this re-issue for decades. Looks like it's finally happening.


Chris said...

No concert DVD from the best tour of all? That part is disappointing.