As If All News Will Be Good News From Now On : The Essential Joe Henry

Joe Henry may be the most underappreciated singer-songwriter of the past twenty years. Alright, that would be impossible to say with the likes of Matthew Ryan, Kenny Roby, Richard Buckner, Tim Easton and Gillian Welch not reaching nearly enough ears, but my good buddy Doc Hup often puts Henry on the same plane as Dylan and Springsteen. 2007's Civilians was arguably the best record of that year (though I went with Ritter) and the trifecta of Short Man's Room (1992), Kindness of the World (1993) and Trampoline (1996) rounds out a perfect collection of the four to start with. Buy his records.

The Essential Joe Henry
Fireman's Wedding
Our Song
King's Highway
Skin and Teeth
Some Champions
Go With God (Topless Shoeshine)
Civil War
This Close To You
Ohio Air Show Plane Crash
Short Man's Room