Steroids and (Somewhat) Misdirected Outrage

It's obvious that FOX, CNN and even MSNBC, to a degree, have become somewhat of a joke. We're seeing the same sensational and knee-jerk behavior from ESPN, CNNSI, the NY Daily News and just about everyone covering this steroid scandal. Let's get right to the point here: When steroids became somewhat ubiquitous in Major League Baseball, MLB Commissioner Bud Selig knew this was happening and did nothing. Why? The money was pouring in as McGwire, Sosa and others were destroying records. Then there's union rep. Donald Fehr. Yes, it's his job to protect the players, but when health and the overall integrity of the game are at stake, what he's done is absolutely ludicrous. He's spent a decade trying to prevent the entire league from simple drug testing. These guys are being paid millions upon millions of bucks, yet they shouldn't be required to take a one-minute drug test?

When a premiere player, or any player at all, finds a way to quickly improve his game, and a good portion of the league follows, how should players going about it legally react? Should they sit back, remain clean, and have their game and numbers overshadowed by those juicing? Should they speak up and turn in a good portion of the league? Give those questions some thought before trashing every player who made these mistakes.

I'm not excusing A-Rod, McGwire, Pettitte or others, but as I quickly noted in my previous post, the ones truly at fault here are Bud Selig, Don Fehr and Gene Orza more than any individual player. They were well aware of all of this and turned blind eyes. They should absolutely and without question be removed from the game of baseball forever. They have ruined over a decade of this once great game. Enough is enough.