The AIG Uproar and Our Media

I hate to say this, given how important many of these issues are, but I'm finding this hysteria to be a bit comedy. I mean, we now even have Maureen Dowd and Gail Collins of the New York Times all over Geithner and even Obama. Understandable, of course, but I still wonder where all these bandwagoners were back in the early days of the Bush administration? Where were they during the lead up to Iraq? Where were they when Bush and his Board of Cronies were setting up the cards that would ultimately dismantle the world economy?

I'm all for Geithner, Summers and Obama being judged on how they handles these issues day-to-day, but I find this newly found microscope to be hilarious. After eight years of soft and scattered journalism, they now all want to be our saviors. They are pointing the fingers at those bad people! What would we do without them? First I had to knock off the big three "news" networks in favor of NPR and Jim Lehrer; now I may have to finally stop reading the suddenly-grating New York Times opinion pages. Ok, except Bob Herbert.

Hilarious. And Gail Collins, please stop with the awful attempts at humor; you just ain't funny.