Fireside Chats

We've heard a lot about Barack emulating FDR in many respects. In just two months in office, he's certainly taken a near 360 from the Bush years in terms of disclosure. No, he hasn't been perfect on this front, but he's been quite up-front with the American people. But with today's grating and sensational news cycles, we need more.

There have been hints at a return to FDR's "fireside chats", and I think it's time that Barack strongly consider something of the sort. I don't fault him for going on Leno or sharing his tournament picks; he's still feeling out delivery methods and the public's comfort level on certain issues, but he needs to find other ways of rallying us and putting us somewhat at ease during these unstable times. And he must counter the media's mania. Oh, forget Cantor, Rush and the fools on the right grabbing at every minute mistake made by the president and trying to win political points. Enough is enough from these fools. Obama needs to lead and let the chips fall where they may. The 08 election and the nation's (ebbing) patience shows that the American public are more tuned in than usual. He also needs to put aside O'Reilly, Olbermann, Dobbs, Maddow and the rest of the sensationalist and mind-numbing folks who are supposed to be delivering us the news via our sets.

Obama needs to take control. He needs to talk to the public in a clean, honest and yes, relaxed fashion. He's tried this via his Saturday videos, town halls and other avenues, but maybe it's time to set up something more at home.

A lot of these thoughts were brought on after reading Frank Rich's Op-Ed in today's Times.