Glorious Noise's 13 Artists For $50

Glorious Noise has a great little article on the bands they'd pay at least $50 to see.

GLONO's 13 Artists We'd Pay More Than $50 to See
1. The Smiths
2. Uncle Tupelo
3. Stone Roses
4. Neutral Milk Hotel
5. The Modern Lovers (with all 4 original members)
6. Tom Waits
7. Weezer (with Matt Sharp)
8. Wilco (with Jay Bennett, Ken Coomer, and Bob Egan)
9. Rolling Stones (at the Double Door)
10. Leonard Cohen
11. A Full Leppotone Family Reunion (Sleestacks, King Tammy, Twister, The Sinatras, et al.)
*Includes travel and accommodation costs—these guys reunite for $6 shows like every three years.
12. The The (with Johnny Marr)
13. ABBA

And here's mine:
1. Bonnie "Prince" Billy (only with Emmett Kelly and in a small room or outside)
2. Uncle Tupelo
3. Son Volt (original lineup)
4. Slobberbone
5. Marah (original lineup)
6. Pavement
7. The Replacements (w/Paul, Tommy and Chris)
8. The V-Roys
9. Neutral Milk Hotel
10. Richard & Linda Thompson
11. Wilco (w Jay Bennett, Ken Coomer & Bob Egan)
12. The Minus 5 (all members)
13. Richard Buckner (w full band incl Mark Ribot)


sean said...

your list is better than their's...wanna make out?

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