Nick Drake

I've written about Drake's music here quite a bit. But there's really never enough to say. I've come to realize that his three (and only) fantastic records are literally therapy for me. Almost every time I'm stuck in a moment of anxiety, uncertainty or some other feeling that seems to require a distraction to ease up the tension, I turn to Drake. It's usually Bryter Layter, which I believe is far and away his best record, but the other two are always there for the taking. I mean, one listen to "Northern Sky", "Fly" or "One of These Things First" and all feels alright. I will never minimize the hyperbole that I toss at media that I love, but Drake's music is some of the best ever recorded. It is unreal to me that he was able to create all of these massive yet simple songs before the age of 27. This music literally feels delivered from the heavens, if such a place exists.