The Unravelling at Miles of Music

Boy am I late to the game on this one. I knew that Miles of Music had gone through some difficulties, but I had no idea that they'd closed shop late last year.

In the mid-to-late 90's I used to place regular orders from MoM. Not only would I order CDs, 7-inch singles and magazines from MoM, but I'd read their website interviews and often correspond with co-owners (and I believe husband and wife?) Jeff and Corey. We'd share annual top ten lists and they'd turn me on to acts from all over the world. I recall Corey telling me about The Handsome Family.

I stopped ordering from them sometime around 2003 or so. Delivery times became very sporadic and oftentimes customer service inquiries would receive no response. Nevertheless, I've always had a soft spot for Miles of Music. They played a huge part in turning me onto many bands, and were an integral part of the musical "movement" that changed my life.

This is a fascinating story.