Barack at 100 Days

I could never have imagined that he'd be as successful as he's been thus far. In addition to passing a stimulus package, ending torture, vowing to close Guantanamo, siding with science on stem cell research and expanding health insurance for children, perhaps most importantly, he's beginning to restore our image throughout the world. I mean, the guy can shake hands with Hugo Chavez and the cries from the right are met with shrugs. He's taught the country to finally ignore the adolescent garbage recycled by the right. It's like we live in a country of adults again. And these realities have left the republicans literally paralyzed. If they can't turn to homosexuality, religion, guns and evil-doers, what do they have?

Despite all the challenges that we face, and they are massive, the country feels very good about Barack Obama. In addition to all of this, he's vowed to get us headed towards major health care reform within his first year. He is a man of limitless intellect and his ability to survey situations and come to thoughtful decisions is somewhat remarkable.

There's a long way to go here, but I'm going to say it: Something tells me that Barack Obama is headed towards becoming one of America's great presidents. Sitting where we are right now, I wouldn't pick another person on the planet to run this country.


Smoliak said...

Great post Chris. I agree 100%. If anything else, the guy exudes confidence and reassurance. Something Bush didn't, couldn't or would never do. I'm still amazed what we went through the last 8 years, but I'm very hopeful about the next 8. Oh yeah, one more thing, Axelrod rules!!