Brian Jonestown's Mark

There's nothing like a show that continues to deliver well after the encores have concluded and the drum kit has been shuffled offstage. Of all the bands I saw down at Coachella, the performance by Brian Jonestown Massacre did one thing: It reminded me that yes, there are still great rock bands playing today.

It seems as if the majority of today's music attempts to do just about everything. Image is king and the majority of the bands touted by say Pitchfork or Stereogum strive to find their place, and in doing so, lose sight of the real force behind the damn music. They want to look different (while all looking the same) and sound a little different (while all sounding like ass), but in the end, it's nothing but a repetitive void of crap. (I really do not know what that means at all.)

Brian Jonestown Massacre took the stage with five guitar players and absolutely tore through a 45 minute set of pure and raw rock and roll. That's it. It was loud, unbelievably tight and the band seemed like a real damn band; everyone playing their part and as a whole creating a fantastic and spirited sound. I felt the music take hold. I watched five guitar players hitting every damn note and noticed that they could also feel the cohesion onstage. This was goddamn rock n' roll, something I couldn't recall seeing for some time.