The Jayhawks To Tour? (Photo)

Mark Olson & Gary Louris @ Great American Music Hall, SF

No official tour confirmed, but they have two dates slated:

May 30th: Barcelona, Spain (Primavira Sound '09 Festival)
July 10: Minneapolis, MN (Basilica Block Party)

This is the word from Gary Louris:

"Our approach right now is to look forward. Olson and I have a record out, we're going to record another, maybe make solo records and do the Jayhawks occasionally," Louris explains. "I think the plan is that we're going to play festivals, next year we're hoping to play Bonnaroo and things like that. We'll see if it grows from there. I don't know how much Karen can tour, or how much any of us want to do a full band tour. As far as recording together, we don't have any plans to do that. But if we continue to do it and we're just loving it, then of course you need new songs."

When Olson left the band in 1995, Gary carried on and recorded a trio of fine post-Olson Jayhawks records, the most impressive being 1997's Sound of Lies. While this was happening, Mark Olson was recording one fine record after another under the Original Harmony Ridge Creek Dippers moniker. Olson then released the fantastic The Salvation Blues in 07, while Louris brought us the uneven Vagabonds in 08. And this year's Olson/Louris collabaration Ready for the Flood has a few great songs, but as a whole, is a bit of a disappointment.

Wow was that a lot to cover. My hope is for either a Jayhawks reunion or more Mark Olson solo material. Or both. And ten-plus years ago, in a drunken stupor at Maxwell's in Hoboken, I asked Gary Louris if he'd be my best wedding at my wedding. I don't believe I received a definitive answer.