The Obama Presidency Through 77 Days

It's far too early to really say how the policies Obama's initiated and continues to put forth will fare, but I can say that, thus far, Obama has surpassed even my wildest hopes on Nov 4. Almost every single day I awake to news and moves from the White House that make me proud. Remember how nervously democrats pushed for health care reform in the 90s? Granted times have changed, but Obama makes it seem like a foregone conclusion. Remember how we shunned the world for eight years under Bush? Now we're looking to engage even those "evil" countries. Torture seems unfathomable on Obama's watch. Unlike his predecessor, Obama's making bold (and yes, risky) moves to get our economy back on track. The environment matters again.

His presidency has only just gotten underway and we still have little idea how things will turn out on countless fronts that require immediate repair, but his bold and open-minded moves thus far have made it clear that he's exactly the leader we need right now. And despite an economy in turmoil and questions still unanswered on many fronts, at the age of 35, I can't recall ever being so proud of my country. Things can obviously change on a dime, but for the past 77 days, it's been quite a ride.