Ryko Absorbed by ADA, All Staff Let Go

Word is that Ryko will still operate under the ADA/Warner umbrella, but who really knows what this means for one of the greatest labels ever to put out records. If Ryko's days are over, this is another truly sad development in the dismantling of the music business. Two of the industry's most important creative labels, Touch & Go and Rykodisc, are now seemingly on the outs.

In the spring of 1996 as I began my search for a "job," I sent my nearly blank resume to two companies: Rykodisc and Tony Margherita Management. I never heard back from either (I almost landed at Margherita's company years later), but these were the first places that struck me.

During my late-teens and early-20s, whenever I walked into Tower Records or Compact Disc World in Paramus, Soundtracks or Ramsey Books & Records in Ramsey, NJ or Nuggets or Newbury up in Boston, if I saw a disc packaged in that clear case with slight blue-ish coloring, I knew it was something good. My CD racks are now jam-packed with classic Ryko releases from Kelly Willis, Meat Puppets, Golden Smog, Josh Rouse, Morphine, Bob Mould, The Posies, Mission of Burma, Frank Zappa and Sugar.

What a wonderful label.


Fred said...

I heard about this way before your blog post. On twitter.

Campbell said...

that is a lie. i break all news here.

Anonymous said...

Pretty sure this is Ryko Distribution, not Rykodisc, the label.