At My Window

I suppose I could say Crater Lake up in Oregon, Big Sur or perhaps the canals of Amsterdam, but when I think of my favorite spot in this world, right now it's this small corner of my living room. During my six months of downtime, I have spent hours on end, day after day right here. The trees are bountiful, the breeze is often perfect, and an array of colorful birds drop in and out throughout each day. If I look to the right, there's a line or buildings, one yellow, one beige, one green and one light blue. They rise as the street rises and create a bit of a staircase of buildings. Up to the left is a much taller apartment complex that seems to provide proof of life once the sun has fallen. And on a clear night, the moon is almost always resting straight ahead.

I sit in this chair and listen to music, sometimes 3-4 records in a row. I read. I make every single phone call from this chair. I think. I find branches and colors and movements that grab me every single day. There's an old fence that marks the end of my building's property, but right beyond, small yellow buds jump above. And right in front of me is a fig tree. We've eaten those figs. And soon we'll be grabbing the next batch.

But it's really the wind and the green and the sky. To my eyes and ears, it may just be the most beautiful place in the world.


OnlyAVision said...

Bay window, wood floor, funky furniture... It's gorgeous!