Book Update

It's been some time since I've mentioned the "book I'm working on." First off, no I didn't make the whole thing up. Secondly, I'm still on track to complete it this year.

It's been quite the experience. I can easily go three weeks without writing one word and then suddenly a thought hits me and I run to my laptop. After a month-plus of nothing, last night I had a memory from a decade ago. A few hours ago I completed the first version of this story and I'm quite happy with it. After adding some more color, this could turn out to be my favorite story in the book, and as of yesterday morning it didn't exist.

I remember watching a recent interview with Neil Young where he talked about his writing process. He basically said that aside from absolute emergencies, everything else must come second. When you're hit with something, you have to drop absolutely everything and let it out. He'd be at important dinners, have a thought and just up and leave the table. No explanation. I now understand this. I can't count the number of times I've had a quick glimpse of what could unfold into a story, promise to revisit it later, and realize days later I'd lost an opportunity.

That's it for now.