Damien Jurado @ Bottom of the Hill, SF, 5.5.09 (Photo)

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Justin Townes Earle made it almost until summer as the top show of 09. Well, tonight at Bottom of the Hill, before a near-packed room, Damien Jurado put on a tremendous show. As he closes out a long tour, Jurado looked to the crowd, "Wow, I didn't expect this many people to show up." And for an early week show that got underway around 1030, neither did I.

It was basically a best of Jurado set, highlighted by "Medication" (no pin dropped, but you would've heard it), "Coats of Ice," "Ohio" (again with the pin), "Gillian Was a Horse," "Letters and Drawings" (people were pumped), "I Can't Get Over You," and at least a dozen others. And as I just scoured my iTunes to recall the songs he played, I'm amazed at how many incredible songs he didn't play. In ten years or so, this fella has built a massive collection of great songs.

On a breezy and misty Tuesday night in San Francisco, Damien Jurado gave about 200 people all he had. And he seemed to appreciate us just as much as we appreciated him.