Physical Media

I'm worn out by the non-stop talk of the end days for all physical media. From music to the news to books and films, it's all doomsday. I was talking about this with N recently and we both agreed: Do we really want ALL of this on our damn computers? She was reading a magazine (the print kind) and we both agreed: absolutely not.

As more folks move towards storing all entertainment on their laptops and phones, I seem to be moving back to where I was ten years ago. I'm buying more physical music than ever, we have a Sunday subscription to the NY Times, I buy 2-3 books per week and well, the movie side of things doesn't concern me as much (since it's a visual media, I think it's fine if it goes the way of the computer).

I miss Harp Magazine, No Depression and Magnet arriving in my mailbox. I miss Tower Records and the local CD shop. I wonder how long it will take for all the others to vanish. I know one thing for certain: I will never ever buy a damn Kindle. Maybe it's better for the environment, but books seem to have a life to them, a life that can't be damn downloaded. I will also never sell my CDs or records, aside from Roger McGuinn's Back From Rio which I've been trying to sell since 1992.

I just got the new Eels record Hombre Lobo on vinyl and boy does it look nice. And it sounds great. Two things that can't be said for some crappy collection of MP3s.


Jay Sunshine said...

I'm in agreement with you. I love physical media...something you can tangibly hold in your hands and move around. Once I get paid I'll be buying the new Eels on CD even though I just earned a $25 iTunes gift card. I don't care if CDs take up space, it's heartwarming to see my huge cabinet full of great stuff.