Sound: CD vs. AAC/128

This is the first time I've ever done the comparison. I put on "Wishful Thinking" by Wilco, a song that is fairly simple, but has a lot of subtle sounds kinda floating in the distance. The difference between the two is far from minor. After just a second, it was like I was listening to two different recordings. The song coming from the CD was crisp and clear, while the crappy AAC version was muddy and flat.

I either need to re-rip my entire catalog or just punt my computer.


dj empirical said...

debates about compression format (aac vs mp3) abound on the internet, but one thing is for sure: 128 kbps is completely insufficient. there's a reson many invitation-only torrent sites do not allow music ripped below 192 kbps.

if your stuff is ripped at that bitrate, whatever the format, *yes* you should re-rip. preferebly with LAME.