2009 : Year of the Letdown?

I really thought this year was prime for a repeat of say 1998 or so. In other words, many fantastic releases. I guess the roster of artists was there, but thus far, the goods haven't been delivered.

The Tim Easton record is not very good.
Oldham's latest is a bit above mediocre.
The Earle tribute to Townes is kinda eh.
The Springsteen record blows.
The Son Volt record, though nice at first, had zero staying power.
Although I'm still absorbing, the Wilco record's a bit of a disappointment.
I listened to the M. Ward record about five times before putting it next to McGuinn's Back From Rio.
Didn't Gary Louris and Mark Olson make a record? Clearly that one didn't resonate.
I tried to like the Grizzly Bear and Animal Collection, but they're collectively snooze city.

I mean, at least Whitney Houston's got a new one on the way Sept 1.

We're still a few weeks away from the All-Star Break, but since so many records suck, I'm gonna go ahead and post my mid-year top ten right here:

1 Chip Robinson : Mylow
2 Neko Case : Middle Cyclone
3 Wilco : Wilco (the Album)
4 Eels : Hombre Lobo
5 Brakes : Touchdown
6 The Gourds : Haymaker!
7 Justin Townes Earle : Midnight at the Movies

...all I got....


Rob said...

Easton's record is fantastic.
Alela Diane already.
Wilco isn't stellar, but good nonetheless.
Agreed on Neko, Eels.
Son Volt is a huge disappointment.

Fred said...

Yeah, you are completely wrong about the Easton record. I think I'll be listening to the Wilco a lot, and some of those songs are going to slay live.

Campbell said...

I clearly need more time with the Easton, and given the dual praise, I shall revisit asap.

Wilco's expectations are just too high. It's a good, if not very good, record. "I'll Fight" is one of the better songs they've released in some time.

Alela Diane is nice but kinda porno/hot tub/70's Rouse in a thong.