Health Care Reform and the Democrats

As the days pass, it's becoming increasingly clear that health care reform is in jeopardy. The seams are weakening on Obama's number one policy initiative faster than they did under Bill & Hillary, and we all know the end result there.

The night Barack Obama was elected president was one of the most joyous nights of my life. Add to that the near sweeps of the House and Senate, the late addition of Al Franken, the scandals that continue to pound the republican party at all levels, and I doubt I'll see a more opportune time in my life for the democratic party to actually promulgate the causes that they espouse. Yet six months in, what have we seen? I mean, Obama and Gates can't take a firm position on "don't ask, don't tell?" Seriously? Holder won't go after the Bush clan when there's overflowing evidence that egregious acts were committed, acts that counter everything this country "stands for." What's going on down at Guantanamo? Haven't heard much on that front. Sure, Barack has helped to begin the process of restoring our image around the World, but if he continues with the baby steps and vacillating on issues, that temporary goodwill will quickly evaporate.

And now there's health care. If there's one cause the "left" has been waiting to win, this is it. With a democrat in the White House and wide leads in Congress, the country's never been better positioned for this vast overhaul. Yet the public still seems somehow under the illusion that private health care companies are the best option? Ummm, seriously? If I were given the option of working at a tobacco giant or a health care giant, I wouldn't bat an eye: butts. Our current health care system is the most corrupt, deceptive and despicable industry this country has to offer. Looking out for the welfare of our citizens should not be a profitable industry. And if we do have to go that route, yes, there should absolutely, without question, be government oversight. The private health care providers couldn't care less about my health or your health. They are for-profit business' and they have shareholders to answer to. More money = success. More help to their customers = failure.

If we do not see Obama and the democrats come together and pass a massive overhaul of our health care system, it would be hard to consider his presidency, or at least his first term, a success. And on a personal note, health care reform has been the driving force behind my unyielding support for the democratic party over the years. If they blow it this time, I will be heading to City Hall to change my party affiliation. (Sorry republicans, you could toss me free chicken parms for life and an in-home coke slurpee machine and I still wouldn't consider it for a second.)


Jonathan said...

Based on this statement--I am guessing that you have never taken your car to get repaired or dealt with the people from the Jello industry.

"our current health care system is the most corrupt, deceptive and despicable industry this country has to offer."